Gross, Martin Profile Page
Gross, Martin
M.A. Project Management
Project manager and research designer at University Cologne (Germany)

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2000 ff | Responsibility for the management for international projects for University Lueneburg and (since 2003) for University Hannover too
  • 1992-2000 | Assistant Lecturer at the "Freie Universitaet Berlin" and at University of Lueneburg
  • 1981 | "Magister Artium" in Political Science and German Literature
  • 1971-1980 | Studies of Political Science and German Literature at the "Freie Universitaet Berlin"

Main Publications

  • Bericht des Zahlmeisters; Hinweise für Koordinatoren zukünftiger Russland-Projekte (in German and Russian) In: Oppermann/Heilmann (Hrsg): Reform der russischen Juristenausbildung; Nomos-Verlag, Baden, 2007
  • Взгляд в сторону Болоньи Россия разрабатывает новые стандарты для Высшей школы Будет проведена ли революция в системе образования? (Viewing direction „Bologna“) Russia is developing new standards for Higher Education Will they revolutionize the education? ) SOTIS – Social Technology and Research. – Moscow: VINITI, 2009)
  • Executive Summary; (results of the ADORE-Project) Co-author with Garbe, Holle, Weinhold In: Garbe, Holle, Weinhold; Teaching Adolesent Struggling Readers; Lang, Frankfurt, 2010

Research & Projects

Concept development and management for the following projects:

  • European-Studies for Students of the Ural-Volga-Region, Tempus-Project (JEP 22096-2001) University of Lueneburg,
  • Curricula for the Russian Drug Aid, Tempus-Project (JEP 22066-2001), University of Lueneburg,
  • Reform of Russian Legal Education (Transition to flexible Curricula, Bologna-Process, Bachelor/Master-System, Introduction of ECTS,) Tempus-Project (JEP 23148-2002) University of Lueneburg/ Hanover
  • Ecological-Risks associated with the Destruction of Chemical Weapons, NATO-Workshop, University of Lueneburg
  • Erasmus-Mundus-Master’s Course “European Legal Practice” (LL.M. Eur) University of Hanover, (see:
  • Teaching Adolescent Struggling readers (see: Socrates-Observation 2007-2009; Leuphana University Lueneburg)
  • Regulation of students' internships under Bologna-criteria TEMPUS-SCM: SM_SCM-T070B06-2006 (RU) Leuphana University Lueneburg
  • Updating Language Policy at Russian Technical Universities Tempus JEP_27127_2006; Leibniz University Hanover
  • Baculit: Basic Curriculum for Teachers‘ In-service-Training in Content Area Literacy Comenius, 2010-2012, University Cologne
  • ISIT: Implementation Strategies for Innovations in Teachers‘ Professional Development, Comenius, 2014, University Cologne
  • Elinet: European literacy policy Network, European Commission/Directorate General for Education and Culture, Unit B.1 School education, University Cologne, 2014 - 2016